Pumping Basics

Why use a breast pump?

You may need to use a breast pump to stimulate your milk production or to express and store your breast milk when separated from your baby. This can happen when you return to work or are apart from your baby for other reasons.

How does a breast pump work?

A breast pump extracts milk from the breasts by creating a seal around the nipple. Then it applies and releases suction to the nipple, which expresses milk from the breast.

What is the difference between open and closed-system breast pumps?

Breast pumps have a wet side and dry side. The wet side includes parts that come into contact with your milk; the dry side includes parts that should never come into contact with your milk.

An open system does not have a barrier between the wet side and dry side. Without a barrier, moisture from the humidity produced by pumping your warm milk can get into the tubing and breast pump motor. Organisms such as mould, bacteria and viruses thrive and grow in moist environments.

A closed system (like the Ameda Platinum’s) has a barrier between the wet side and dry side. This barrier helps in preventing moisture from getting in to the tubing and pump motor. So, there should be no need to clean and dry the tubing and your breast milk will stay safe.

What is the cleaning process like?

Cleaning is very simple. After every use, you’ll only need to clean with warm soapy water your breast flanges, valves, diaphragms and bottles. Pump tubing, adapter caps and the tubing adapter should not need to be washed when used as instructed.

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