Hospital Breast Pump Hire

Hospital Breast Pump Hire Sydney offers the short term hire and delivery of the newest hospital-grade breast pump in Australia, the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump, which combines hospital-developed technology with an easy to use and portable design.

For your convenince, the hire package not only includes the Ameda Platinum Breast Pump, but also a sterilised and pre-assembled milk collection kit and a range of Ameda accessories.

Ameda Platinum Breast Pump Timer

Ameda Platinum Breast Pump Features

  • Custom Control & Comfort: Like the breastfeeding baby, independent suction and speed controls, make it possible for mothers to achieve a multi-phase experience. With Custom Control dual controls and greater adjustability, each mother can customise pump settings for her own body’s response and find her own best setting every time. The Ameda Platinum has up to 80 cycles per minute and suction strength of up to 250 mg mercury, which is more than any other pump in the market.
  • Easy to use: Adjust pump settings to your own body’s response and milk flow. Visual LCD display and digital touch allows personalised adjustments by 1% increments.
  • Proven Airlock Protection: The HygieniKit Milk Collection System delivers Proven Airlock Protection™, which is the world’s only proven protective barrier to help protect breast milk and the baby from bacteria, mould and viruses while pumping.
  • Inbuilt timer to keep track of your pumping with automatic power off after 60 minutes.
  • Convenient built-in bottle holders secure bottles upright on top of the pump and Ameda Store N Pour milk bags connect easily through an adaptor.

Ameda Platinum Breast Pump

Single or Double HygieniKit Milk Collection must be purchased with hire. Ameda milk storage solutions and other Ameda accessories are also available for purchase.

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Available in Sydney only.